July 4

Awaiting mechanic and my car, so I can go to Ludlow tomorrow.

He’s late!

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British Goblins

Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions
Wirt Sykes,
United States Consul for Wales.

Download it here or buy it at Amazon

I’m still dipping in. Loads of old stories of water nymphs, goblins in caves, fairy circles.



C O N T E N T S.


Fairy Tales and the Ancient Mythology—The Compensations of, Science—Existing Belief in Fairies in Wa.les—The Faith of Culture—The Credulity of Ignorance-—The Old-Time Welsh Fairyland—The Fairy King—The Legend of St. Collen and Gwyn ap Nudd—-The Green Meadows of the Sea—Fairies atnMarket—-The Land of Mystery

Classification of Welsh Fairies—General Designation-Habits of the Tylwyth ‘Teg—-Ellyllon, or Elves—Shakspeare’s Use of’ Welsh Folk-Lore—Rowli Pugh and the Ellyll—Household Story R0ots—The Ellylldan—The Pooka–Puck Valley, Breconshire —Where Shakspeare got his Puck—Pwca ’r Trwyn—-Usual Form of the Pooka Story—Coblynau, or Mine Fairies—The Knockers——Miners’ Superstitions—Basi1isks and Fire Fiends— A Fairy Coal-mine —The Dwarfs of Cae-Ca.led—Counterparts of the Coblynau—-The Bwbach, or Household Fairy—Legend of the Bwbach and the Preacher—Bogies and Hobgoblins—- Carrying Mortals through the Air— Counterparts and Originals


Lake Fairies—The Gwragedd Annwn, or Dames of Elfin-Land- St. Patrick and the Welshmen ; a Legend of Crurnlyn Lake- The Elfin Cow of Llyn Ba.rfog—Y uwch Laethwen Lefrith—The Legend of the Meddygon Myddfai—The Wife of Super~- natural Race—The Three Blows ; a Carmarthenshire Legend–Cheese and the Didactic Purpose in Welsh Folk-Lore—The Fairy Maiden’s Papa—The Enchanted Isle in the Mountain
Lake—Legend of the Men of Ardudwy—Qrigin of Water Fairies-Their prevalence in many Land


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