Bridgnorth Town Hall and Market

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Bridgnorth Town Hall and Market

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The building was constructed in 1652 from a redundant tithe barn donated by a Lady Bertie from the town of Much Wenlock.

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High St, Bridgnorth, WV16 4DW

The building is open to the public and the entrance is on the opposite site from the market area. Climb the stairs to visit the council chambers.

A Victorian coat of arms can be seen both inside and outside on the ends of the building. It has unusual stain-glass windows depicting English monarchs and the only remaining 'made-in-Bridgnorth' carpet known to be on public display - a five colour Wilton with 27 joins made in 1887

Underneath, in the market space, you will see an excellent time line on the wall, charting Bridgnorth’s history from 895 with the Vikings through to the late 1990's. It depicts all the ups and downs in the town’s history including the Black Death, the Civil War, fire, cholera, the beginning and end of the Bridgnorth port, the building and restoration of the Town Hall and much more.