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If you don’t want to use payPal contact me, you can pay by cheque too.

Or, if you’re local we can arrange for me to drop off or you to pick up, perhaps you could meet me on the Buttercross market in Ludlow or any other of the markets I attend.

For now hit the purchase button, which will record the items in your cart, then email me to tell me you want to pay by cheque, we can chat over email or on the phone:

Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 723 298

Land: +44 (0) 1952 400 420

Oh! Your address is sent to me via PayPal. Hence, this form on my website doesn’t ask for it.

In a hurry? Late for a birthday? Call me, I can work through the night, run, sweating up to the post office and post to get to you the next day – at no extra charge. But, call me first! Cuz, sometimes I can’t.