Stiperstones Winter Solstice – skeleton fairies – giant


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Sized for Ikea frames

My most dangerous assignment. The Winter Solstice of 2010 on the Stiperstones. Red moon that year, first for 400 years compounded by the Icelandic volcano. Angry giants, tub thumping, naked dancing witches and… Skeleton fairies, pirates, being cruel, tearing up the sky.

Available in three border variations

Stiperstones with giant and skeleton fairies - black border
Black border for black/dark frames

Stiperstones with giant and skeleton fairies - brown border
Brown border for brown/wood frames

Stiperstones with giant and skeleton fairies - white border
White border for white/light frames


Get really cheap frames from Ikea delivered to your door! You’ll need to follow these links to the Ikea webshop and order yourself, or get in your car and visit the store. I don’t sell these frames, I just can’t compete with £2.50 frames ;- )

Or, take them to your local framers and get some classy mounts and frames. But you’ll pay a lot more, sadly.

There are two sizes of frames that these pictures are designed specifically to fit.

  • Small fits the 13 x 18 cm frames, my pictures are 9 x 14 cm which fits their mount opening precisely. 
  • Large fits the 30 x 40 cm frames, my pictures are 20 x 29 cm again to fit their opening.

Then, you’ll pick black frames, white or oak wood brown.


A white classic Ikea frame
A classic profile also in black


A white modern Ikea frame
Straight lines, modern also in black


A old oak wood Ikea frame
Plastic ‘glass’ higher; old oak wood colour

Here’s how the collection looks when they’re framed.

Skeleton fairies

Dead skeleton fairies, piloting bugs and dragonflies, hum buzz whiz and whine dogfights jumping and boarding each others’ transport. Do as they say or they eat you. Everybody has come to vote for this special year.

Every winter solstice it’s the same. But tonight it’s the red moon, a lunar eclipse. They go really nuts! It’s worse! That volcano in Iceland has made the moon hot bloody red! Everything seems too red.

Tsk! Bats everywhere. Ghost bats. Unlike mortal bats, they go right through you! Grrr, grring as they come at you.

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