How do you do it?
I’m a witch photographer.

But, how do you do it?
I take photos of witches, fairies giants and ghosts. Recently qualified to do the dragons.

What are they?
They’re giclée art prints, with pigment ink on quality art paper. Means they don’t fade in the sun. Good for a thousand years. If it doesn’t bring it back.

Where’s the original?
In lots of places at the same time, being digital.

Why don’t you send mounted pix?
It’s the size, and job of packing of yet more packing card and all that… Sigh. It’s just easier. You’ll need to get them to a framer anyways and they’ll have more selection, designs, and fancy or simple and cheap. So, the prints are half the cost I sell them on market stalls around Shropshire. You’re getting it at half price.

Half price, at these prices?
If you’ve met me on the market you’ll have heard me say, “sixty quid mounted, half price in a tube, especially for motorcyclists and Americans. Good quality prints, well researched, worth thousands when I’m famous. When I’m dead.”

In a tube?
Yeah, in a tube.

On a market?
Yeah, on a market.

So you face your public?
Yeah, not half. Some people like it, some don’t. Some collect it, some hiss at me while floating on a black cloud out of sight. It’s a dangerous job, being a witch photographer.