Witch photography for you

[su_highlight]I take photographs, dip them in fairy goo, sometimes strong dragon pee, I used to use witches spit but it’s too volatile.[/su_highlight] I come to your location take, usually, thousands of pictures, go home and process these, outputting large HDR files. From there I pick the best bits from many tonemapped versions, then add in the witches, fairies, ghosts and giants. sometimes dragons. [su_highlight]I don’t like doing the dragons because they’re dangerous. They burn you, eat you and spit out your bones.[/su_highlight]

So, you tell me of the local legends and/or I research them myself. by quizzing locals at the local pubs and shops, and by searching online and in local guidebooks.

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Who for? Where for?

The greenman and the witch at Clun Castle

Mainly for businesses, but also as a gift for granny. You own the copyright and have possession of all the files.

It can be a castle, a ruin, a hotel, a distinctive holiday let. Or a landscape you love. Or that granny loves.

House portraits for yourself or as a gift

You could commission a nice watercolour by so many different artists online. But you want something special. Something that’s gorgeous and carries a story, some deeper meaning. Something magical, mysterious.

Something that you can look again and again at. Something you can study, up close, with a magnifying glass. Something that causes a conversation when visitors come over. Something that the grandchildren study, and pour over, reciting the legend again and again.

Witness the legend of the Two Giants of Stokesay and the lost key. I’ve had people tell me the grandchildren love looking for all the hidden treasures. Or the witch and the greenman at Clun. Lol, the times I’ve had on my market stall waiting for people to find the cunning witch.

Here’s a full set of pictures with variations for a rented holiday let in the Cotswolds.

Holiday homes, vacation lets

Stokesay Castle (large) with associated bumph

It’s a business idea: you sell pictures to visitors, even mere tourists, but sneakily, your portrait becomes an advert for your vacation let. Now, don’t go thinking that you’re going to make millions and billions. But you should get a return on investment over a few years.

Resell for fun and profit

You can sell them online through this shop, or I can build you a copy of this site (in WordPress) where you can sell them yourself. Either I can fulfill for you or as copyright owners you can print them out yourself or use a local service. You can sell them through local shops, too. If you know the shopkeeper, so much the better. Or, I can approach them for you.

Of course, it will hang in your holiday home, visitors will see it and discuss the legend, look for the characters and generally have the fun that’s listed above. And they can buy one of their own as a memento. 

Someone buying a print from a shop will find inside details of your holiday let. Perhaps you’re able to include a voucher?

But, it’s the intangibles that are more valuable to you. All those foreign visitors with what amounts to an advertising poster on their home’s wall. A point of sale, a selling tool. An aid for the salespeople who live there. Describing their holiday in your vacation let and pointing to the picture…[su_box title=”Contact me” style=”glass” radius=”9″ class=”rightfifty”]

Quick commission outline

Give me the postcode of the location, tell me your ideas and delivery dates.

Tourist attractions  and stately hotels

They come, they see, they take selfies. What they’d really like is a gorgeous art print they can hang on the wall, or send to a friend. Some will want the legend. Some will not. Some will want a dark, mysterious picture, others a bright, sunny version.

Maybe they find your (set of) pictures online before they come. Or, in a local shop, or hanging in the local pub or restaurant.

What I don’t do

Now, I only provide art prints off my printer. I’ve only the one. It’s an Epson Photo R3000 and can print up to A3+ or 320mm depth by a million miles long. There are bigger printers but the quality drops. My printer prints at 3,800 dots per inch, the next size up is half that. 

As owners and possessors of the prints and copyright, you can print bigger – elsewhere. Also, print onto canvas if it pleases you.

Perhaps you also want coasters, pinafores, lithographed posters, mugs… Yeah, that ain’t me. Email the jpeg or tiff file to the suppliers and ask for a quote.