Cotswolds Middle Gable - close fairies dark
Eleven fairies in this picture. See the group of photographs that was included it this commission’s package. 

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  • view: one position of the camera
  • otherworldly characters: witches, fairies, ghosts, giants, dragons, etc..
  • deviation: a dark, moody colourway or a bright sunny version of the same view
  • picture sizes: large maximum of 320mm high (or width) by whatever is visually correct. Landscapes are naturally wider, houses are narrower. Two sizes in between called medium and small. Down to tiny which is a max of 230mm high or width.
  • bumph: the pieces of paper included with the pictures. Usually one sheet of history, one of otherwordly legends, one about me. You may have other or additional ideas.
  • payment: PayPal or bank transfer: one third as a deposit. Another at finalisation of bumph, final third at the receipt of posted prints.
  • ownership: as the commissioner, you own the copyright. I’ll always keep a copy of the files, in case yours are lost or damaged.
  • extra prints: can be supplied at cost plus a modest handling charge. It’ll depend on bulk ordering or call off at irregular intervals. 


One view:  £875

Four deviations, four different sizes

Great for a gift as a house portrait.

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I visit and take location photographs.

One view will still be several hundred photos. You see, I take several rows of pictures and stitch them together. But I also take seven exposures for each picture. Thus, the top one is almost black and the bottom almost white. Think of taking a picture of a person standing in front of a window. You’d either get all the outside correctly exposed and the person as a silhouette. Or the person would be correctly exposed and outside blown out, white. Well, my seven exposures would get all of that picture correctly exposed. It’s called HDR for high dynamic range.

I stitch all these together to produce a huge HDR file. Then I tone map it several times, add them all to a folder in Photoshop, to pick out the best bits. I do this several ways to produce colourway deviations. These I send to you for your comments. I ask you to pick two that you like. I suggest a dark, moody one and a brighter one.

Then after researching the otherworldy characters, I add them in. This then is one deviation. Without the characters is the second deviation. Then I do the same with the other colourway to give you two more deviations, one with characters, one without.

I write up the bumph, and email you as Microsoft Word documents for approval.

Proof of posting with Yannon to add sex appeal. Comments on Facebook.

I post out, first class – signed for, one copy of each of the four deviations in four picture sizes. Thus, you receive sixteen fine art giclee prints

Delivery of files is through Google Drive. I email you a link, only you can access, you can either download to your local machine or move them to your Google Drive.

You can have a folder of the four final jpegs which is the smallest – around 150MB. A folder full of tiffs 8800MB. And a folder full of working Photoshop documents, which is invariably 50 – 100GB!!! If you own Photoshop and have lots of RAM (there are loads and loads of layers) you can play around, till your heart is content, make even more deviations.

Two views: £1,545

For distintive holiday homes

As above, twice 😉 Eight deviations. 

Four views: £2,800

As a business enterprise for tourist attractions

You guessed it! Four times the above. That’s sixteen deviations.

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Quick commission outline

Give me the postcode of the location, tell me your ideas and delivery dates.