In homes

Evening Steve
Loving my new picture! Have found a great spot for it where I can sit and admire it.
So lovely to meet you – keep up the good work. Had trouble trying to Facebook photo in its new home so hope you are able to add to your gallery.
Carca a pawb ‘r enilla
Rachel from Leeds
I was in Ludlow about 8 months ago and purchased a print of Iron Bridge from you.
It has taken some time to get home, get the print framed and finally send you this email, but I remember you asking if I could send you a photo of the print once it was hung.
Anyway it is now proudly hung in my office (which has many bridge photos) in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, above my other favourite print, that of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has had much acclaim by many visitors.
Mark Dobbins
Here’s one for the album, Heidi’s sent this of The Lonesome Monk, from Ye Olde Bull Tavern Inn, Ludlow. Innit luvly!
Dear Steve,
As promised I have emailed you my dads photo which I have had beautifully framed. The picture has certainly caused excitement by everyone who has looked at it.
Kind regards
Rebecca, Stan and Barbara
Dear friend,
Maybe you remember me as the Dutchman that bought your print “The hanged man” but without the hanged man (Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre 2010, you gave me a discount). Last year during the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre my girlfriend bought me my second print. It was a gift for our fifth anniversary. Finally, I had it framed and I am so very pleased with it. Everyone who see it says WAUW! I made a photo of it and attached it to this email.
I hope to see you and your new work in November at the Ludlow Fayre.
Your Dutch fan, Remco Schenk
The English Bridge, Shrewsbury
The two giants of Stokesay
The view into Wales from The Stiperstones with Cordon Hill and Mitchell the Witch.
The greenman and the witch at Clun Castle
Cailleach the hag the oldest witch in the world. See the troll under the bridge? And the naked troll behind the Cailleach? If you see a troll, run. If you see a naked troll, run faster.
Brown Clee on a russian green mount
The lay line over Brown Clee – white borders