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It’s a dangerous job, being a witch photographer. I was cursed by a witch. So “job” isn’t the right word. Here’s everything (mostly) from this witch photographer’s oeuvre, on this home page.There are a few variants to go in, always. Someone asked me for a red picture, to go with the new settee, or curtains. One day, I’ll produce so many colours, B&Ws and textured versions, that lady would be befuddled by her choice.

Befuddled by choice? Go to the most popular.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, as I’ve discovered after eight years pitching my pictures at markets. However… I have collectors, which is thrilling.

The object is to remind us of our roots. Lest we forget what monkeys we are. It’s the stories. Always the stories.

From ancient dragons, hill building giants, witches as old as the hills, older. To the superstitions of ghostly revistations. “He wouldn’t lay down.”

And the fairies and gods of the County of Salop.

Enjoy. Be happy for ever.

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Showing all 170 results