The nocturnal habits of bats have no doubt contributed to the many myths that bats are creatures of another, unearthly world. It is a creature associated with evil, as the vampire and other ghosts. The pointed ears of bats, their sharp teeth, leaf noses, wart-like protuberances on their chins, and their leathery wings supported by the same bones that are in the arms and hands of humans, have long led the superstitious to imagine that bats are merely a grotesque parody of the human form.
Bats are human souls that have left the body during sleep which explains the disappearance of bats during the day, since when humans awake, their souls return home to their bodies.
The three drops of bat’s blood has magic powers. If someone fell unhappily in love, they could impose the desired person to drink the bats’ blood in order to light the fire. Bats could not see at day thus bats’ blood had the ability to awaken blind love.
Medieval witchcraft texts described bats as familiars for witches and the old European lore which associated bats with vampires. Curiously, linking bats to vampires occurred long before Europeans discovered South American vampire bats.