Shrewsbury Barracks Passage and the Tudor ghosts


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Shuts of Shrewsbury
Barracks Passage

Between Wyle Cop & Belmont Bank

A substantial passage with a fairly wide cobbled street and tudor hanging buildings. It was known as Elisha’s Shut in the past. It is said that it was along this passage that Henry VII barracked his soldiers while he slept in what is now Henry Tudor House on Wyle Cop, and hence the name.
Further up Belmont Bank is the car park to get to the Lion Hotel Passage and further down the bank is the entrance way to Compasses Passage. At the top of Belmont Bank is Old St Chad’s Church and Belmont.
Given its military name because during August 1485 soldiers stayed in the timber framed hall while their leader, Henry Tudor, lodged in the house in front.
Many sightings have been reported of groups of men milling about inside and faces suddenly appearing at windows.
There is a tale that the soldiers killed at have returned to Shrewsbury because of the warm welcome given by the town.
Shrewsbury was the first town entered by Henry on his way to seize the crown of England at Bosworth Field.

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