Much Wenlock Raynalds House Victorian children


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Reynalds Mansion

Built in 1682. Inscribed on the right is  “John and Mary Reynalds 1682,” however the core of the building is actually a lot older. The building opposite for instance, The Talbot Inn, dates from 1360. It was once called The White Hart  and the street wasn’t called High Street but  Spittle Street,  held by John Raynolds, had seven ground-floor rooms, six chambers, and four garrets. It was also called Reynolds Tenement (and later Raynalds Mansion). Formerly a 15th-century hall, it had was enlarged by 1682. Though it was one of the town’s largest timber framed houses and had one of the more elaborate facades, its size and embellishments did not rival those of the greater houses in Bridgnorth, Ludlow, or Shrewsbury. The decorative timbering, if of 1682, is a crude and late example of a style already abandoned in more fashionable towns


People claim that faces appear at the windows and children in Victorian outfits have been seen playing with spinning tops on the balcony. Some children who were evacuated to the town and housed here during World War II. On the first morning they came downstairs and demanded to know who the children in funny clothes they had been playing with were.

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