Bridgnorth Hustain the Lusty Viking


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Bridgnorth 896 AD
The stories told around the last winter camp of Hastain the Viking

Before Hastain the marauder left what is now Bridgnorth for France in Spring 896 AD, they told stories around their winter camp.
One being when Thor went fishing for the monster sea serpent Jormungandr using a giant’s bull’s head.
Locals tell of the red dragon that killed the white dragon. A prophecy of the defeat of the Saxon invaders by the Celts over 400 years before. And a new prophesy, that when the blood moon rises, the Saxons will join with the Welsh to defeat the Vikings in Mercia forever.

15 years later their escape back to Bridgnorth and The Severn was blocked by the Welsh forces. Those Northumbrian Vikings wished Hastain hadn’t angered the Welsh as they were pursued by the Mercian and Wessex armies. They were massacred at the Battle of Tettenhall…

Aethelflaeda, the daughter of Alfred the Great set up a burh at what would become Bridgnorth a year later.

(Photograph taken over Christmas 2011 on a balmy Winter night using a heat sensitive story filter.)

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