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3 Whitburn Street, Bridgnorth
The Kings Head was built or possibly rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1646. It is thought to stand on the site of an older building. The earliest date found as yet is 1777, but it was well established by this date and appears on a list as first being licensed in 1780. In the middle of the last century it shared in the post horse business of the town and in 1851 it is listed as the Kings Head Railway Coach House and Posting House. At this date the proprietor had generously granted the use of the ‘Trap Ground’ as a cricket ground.

It was listed as number 6 Whitburn Street in 1824 but this must have been a printing error.

Stables can be seen today at the rear and the Stable Bar has been named to commemorate this. The building was restored in 1973 and more recently in 1981. Many old oak beams exist inside, some of them it has been said come from Wenlock Abbey. An omnibus used to leave the Kings Head at 0850 and 1515 bound for Shifnal and at 1500 to Monkhopton and Shifnal. The Kings Head is one of the oldest public houses on the north side of the town. Its ancient timbers rise majestically and with dignity two storeys above the hustle and bustle of Whitburn Street.

The Kings Head today is proud to be haunted by a friendly ghost. On one occasion guests in one room were sleeping and their lights suddenly came on with the switch in the off position. There are other occasions where lights have suddenly illuminated for no apparent reason. It has also come to light that a lady committed suicide here many years ago.
The most recent sighting of the ghost was in the back bar when on two separate occasions a person has been sighted sitting by the fire.

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