Ludlow The Feathers the famous mini skirt ghost


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The Feather’s ghosts

One woman had an unusual experience in Room 211, when a “spirit” dragged out of her bed by her hair. Eventually she got back into bed and fell asleep, only to be awoken as she was drenched in water. Only she was wet, not the bed. Apparently her partner had a rather peaceful sleep feeling the sensation of his cheek being stroked.

In Room 232 both staff and guests have witnessed the apparition of a Victorian man has been walking his dog. They cross the room, pass into Room 233, then vanish.

A preacher spirit from the King James I period who searches for someone by the name of Richard in the writing room.

During the summer of 1974 Mr. Ainsley, a commercial traveler, had an appointment at the seventeenth century Feathers Hotel but was unfamiliar with the town. As a result he was a few minutes late arriving and irritated with parking problems.

However, after touring round a couple of times he was lucky to find a space right opposite the entrance of the hotel. He pulled up, grabbed his brief case and was already halfway across the pavement when he realised he had forgotten some papers. He turned to retrieve them from his car when he saw the figure of a young girl wearing a mini skirt walk straight through his vehicle, glide onto the pavement and pass him and vanish. Astounded and hardly believing what he had seen, he ran to the bar of the hotel to gasp out his story to the barman.

One can imagine his reaction on being greeted with ‘Good afternoon, sir, it’s alright, I know what you’ve seen: a young girl walk through your car. Here’s the brandy – on the house. You are the sixth person to have experienced her this year’. The two men discussed the incident but the attendant was unable to provide any further information. The girl had been seen several times, always at the same place, usually about mid-day and wearing the same clothing.

This unlikely shade has long black hair and looks around sixteen to eighteen years old – at least two witnesses have seen her walk through parked cars before vanishing.

She is, in fact, a very rare living ghost. Colin Smith, a local investigator looked into the case and managed to identify the girl as someone who was still living. In 1974 she was staying in Ludlow and often crossed the Bull Ring to visit her aunt who lived near The Feathers and since it was such a happy time in her life, often visualises herself walking that same path again.

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